15 September 2017

Resins Categories

Polyethylene – HDPE

High Density Polyethylene

Density Range: 941 to 965 kg/m3

Common uses: bottle caps, milk jugs, grocery bags, shampoo bottles, yogurt tubs, detergent bottles, hard hats, backpack frames, hula hoops, packaging and manufacturing products.

HDPE Grades

  • Film: EX5, 7000 F, HCH 5110
  • Blow Molding: BL3
  • Injection: HI0500, I3, I4
  • Pipe: EX3

Polyethylene- MDPE

Medium Density Polyethylene

Density Range: 926-940 kg/m3

Common uses: Film extrusion, Blending partner, (Refuse) bags, T-shirt bags, Cover hoods.


  • Good drop resistant and shock resistant.
  • Less sensitive and higher stress-cracking resistant than HDPE

MDPE Grade:

  • Film: MCH 3713

Polyethylene- LDPE

Low Density Polyethylene

  • Density Range: 912–935 kg/m3
  • Common uses: plastic film and shrink wrap, produce bags, grocery bags, trash can liners, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, squeeze bottles and food storage

LDPE Grades:

Film: 2420D, 2420F, 2420H, LTL 2130, 2047

Lamination: LTM 2119X


  • less rigid and more transparent than HDPE
  • very strong and highly resistant to breakdown
  • good choice for use with food and beverages, making sturdy, versatile and impact-resistant reusable products

Polyethylene- LLDPE

Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Density Range: 910-935 kg/m3

Common Uses: Film applications such as food and non-food packaging, shrink/stretch film and non- packaging uses.


  • Higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistant than the LDPE

LLDPE Grades

Film: LL0209 AA, LL0209KJ

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Density Range: 1.38-1.40 kg/m3

Common uses: Mineral-water bottles, Soft-drinks bottles, Rigid cosmetic jars, Microwavable containers, and corrosion-resisting plastics, Transparent films


  • Transparent, wear-resisting with high strength and smooth finish

PET Grade

Bottle: BG 781, BG 821

Polypropylene (PP)

Density Range: 890-915 kg/m3

Common uses: Automotive Applications, Household Goods, Film, Containers, Packaging, Electrical/Electronic Applications, Industrial Applications, General Purpose

PP Grades

Film: HP 525 J

Injection: EP 552R, EP440L, HP500J, T30G

Raffia: HP552R, HP550J, P-SF- 060, P-YI250, RG1102XK, RG1102XL, RG1101S, Z30S, Z30G, C30S, Z69S


  • Non-toxic, tasteless, density, strength, stiffness, hardness and heat resistance better than LDPE

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Density Range: 1.05-1.48 kg/m3

Common uses: Pipes, Doors, Windows, Bottles, Non-food packaging, Plumbing, Electrical cable insulation, Imitation leather, foot wear


  • Flame resistant and fire prevention properties
  • Compatible with other additives
  • Corrosion resistant and very durable

PVC Grade

Molding: E6834

Polystyrene (PS)

Density: 0.96-1.06 kg/m3

Common uses: Packaging, Sheet, Insulation, General Purpose, Foam, Toys, Household Goods, Electrical/Electronic Applications, Containers, Appliance Components


  • High Impact Resistant, Flame Retardant , Food Contact Acceptable, Good Processability, High Heat Resistant, Expandable, Fast Molding Cycle

PS Grade

EPS: F50, F250, F350